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RVSP Your Spot for a SleepWalks overnight performance! :: September 2nd and September 9th

Sound artists Andrea Williams and Lee Pembleton use field recordings to improvise an eight-hour musical soundscape for an audience that sleeps overnight in the Chapel + Cultural Center in Troy, NY.  Participants are encouraged to then journal and share their dreams in the morning. In October, you can see your dreams incorporated into a new multi-media dance performance by Ellen Sinopoli Dance Company! SleepWalks endeavors to discover the influence of sound on dream worlds. Wine, water, and snacks will be provided at the reception at 9pm (Doors to the event close at 9:30pm.), and also tea, coffee, and bagels will be provided in the morning. Please bring your own bedding, pillow, toiletries, and comfortable clothes for sleeping in. Please be prepared to stay until 9am September 3rd. Leaving early may disrupt sleep for others. Spots are limited for this FREE collective dreaming event for September 2nd and September 9th, 2016 at the Chapel + Cultural Center at 2125 Burdett Ave, Troy, NY 12180.

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During SleepWalks, the performers record the sound samples that they use. Later, by reading the timestamp, they mark possible correlations between the sounds in the improvisation and writings from the participants' dream journals. The goal of this long-term project is to provide an engaging experience for collective dreaming and to compose soundwalks for dreamers. For this SleepWalks, we will be working with Dr. Todd Anderson of Sheep Dog Sciences once again. Participants of SleepWalks can volunteer (mention in your RSVP) to wear one of six comfy wireless EEG headbands for September 2nd. (Six dancers from Ellen Sinopoli Dance Company will be wearing the six wireless EEG headbands for September 9th SleepWalks.)

SleepWalks: The Body of Dreams is a multimedia performance that presents dance choreography and visual  art  derived  from  SleepWalks' participants' collaborative  dream  journal  entries and  sleep  data  collected  with the EEG biosensors during the September 2nd and September 9th SleepWalks. Since  the  project began  in  2009,  SleepWalks  participants have  had  high  dream  recall  rates  of collaborative dreams. The SleepWalks participants  see  each  other  and  are  meeting the  same goals  in  the dream. In this performance we hope  to  take SleepWalks a  step further and the recalled collaborative dreams shared by willing participants will  then become the director or choreographer for an on-­stage  dance performance to reveal the body of dreams.  The  dancers portray the dreamer bodies in video projection environments. The music for the final piece would  be  taken  from the  soundscape that  was  performed while  the collaborative dream was taking place.

SleepWalks: The Body of Dreams has kindly received a Community Arts NYSCA grant through The Art Center of the Capital Region of Troy, NY to bring our SleepWalks to you for free. We also have received funding via our fans via SleepWalks has been performed at numerous venues including Issue Project Room, NYC; Soundwave Festival at Intersection for the Arts, San Francisco; Diapason Gallery, NYC; Parsons Hall Gallery, MA; and Mills College, Oakland, CA as part of The Deep Listening Institute's Dream Festival. 

SleepWalks does not use spoken word as part of their guided dreaming. We do not use hypnosis, subliminal, nor subconscious verbal manipulation. Rather, we create an audio travelogue of abstract soundscapes; suggestions of environments.

Check out info on our project including a video and audio interview on our Kickstarter page: here:

SleepWalks: The Body of Dreams Met its Kickstarter goal of $2000 with 9 days left (now 48 hours left!)

Thank you, Dreamers!

Well bless our lucky koi! Thanks to your support, we have reached and surpassed our Kickstarter campaign goal of $2000! This covers reimbursing flight costs for artist, Lee Pembleton, and scientist Todd Anderson. Also, this will fund food for our audience at events plus art materials for our art exhibit at the Chapel + Cultural Center September 17-October 28th! We have 48 hours left, and we are still accepting donations to help fund a lighting designer or a costume designer to help make SleepWalks: The Body of Dreams even more spectacular! Please check out what gifts are available and give what you can! Thanks!:

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SleepWalks: The Body of Dreams KICKSTARTER!

Hi our Kickstarter campaign has launched! 25 days left to go to reach $2000!

Funding is for collaborator fees, food, and materials for:

  • Two SleepWalks overnights September 2nd and September 9th
  • SleepWalks Art Exhibit September 17-October 28th
  • SleepWalks: The Body of Dreams multi-media dance performance with Ellen Sinopoli Dance Company October 21st and 22nd
Please check out the unique gifts and give what you can! 

SleepWalks: The Body of Dreams Fundraiser 7/22/16!

We had a successful fundraiser for SleepWalks: The Body of Dreams! Participants raised $100 to go towards artist collaborator fees for our September performances! Thank you!

Participants were invited to Stable Gate Farm for a evening of lucid dreaming and sound therapy that aimed to awaken their creativity and dreams. SleepWalks: A Catnap examines our subconscious and altered states of realities. Sound artist Andrea Williams took the audience through a multi-sonic performance emphasizing the process of dreams and collective dreaming. The audience was encouraged to lucid dream or sleep and then journal about their experience to record their impressions of their own subconscious world. Sound and energy healer, Lavender Suarez, then performed a therapeutic gong bath.

Preceding the performances there was free mugwort tea and available for purchase lentil meatballs in collard greens with toppings (by Oliver's Twists, vegetables by Capital Roots); massages with Rita May, and free guided essential oil experiences with Kaitlin Moen.

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SleepWalks: The Body of Dreams received a Community Arts Grant from NYSCA and the Arts Center of the Capital Region!