Friday, August 5, 2016

SleepWalks: The Body of Dreams Fundraiser 7/22/16!

We had a successful fundraiser for SleepWalks: The Body of Dreams! Participants raised $100 to go towards artist collaborator fees for our September performances! Thank you!

Participants were invited to Stable Gate Farm for a evening of lucid dreaming and sound therapy that aimed to awaken their creativity and dreams. SleepWalks: A Catnap examines our subconscious and altered states of realities. Sound artist Andrea Williams took the audience through a multi-sonic performance emphasizing the process of dreams and collective dreaming. The audience was encouraged to lucid dream or sleep and then journal about their experience to record their impressions of their own subconscious world. Sound and energy healer, Lavender Suarez, then performed a therapeutic gong bath.

Preceding the performances there was free mugwort tea and available for purchase lentil meatballs in collard greens with toppings (by Oliver's Twists, vegetables by Capital Roots); massages with Rita May, and free guided essential oil experiences with Kaitlin Moen.

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