Monday, October 29, 2012

02012.07.27 Dreams: Anonymous IV

 Anonymous IV dreams of friends

Greg (a friend who has given up drinking) is drinking a beer from a long-neck beer bottle (like a corona). The neck of the bottle breaks off but there is still beer left. Greg pours it into an empty soda can. I tell him he might not want to drink it because there may be tiny glass shards in it. He looks me in the eye and says, "you're right."

02012.07.27 Dreams: Anonymous III

Anonymous dreams of facebook

Co-working space with a series of cupboards and compartments. My friend Slobodan has a space next to me, but he's never there. He's old and overworked, so I worry about him. And I wonder whether or not he's still angry at me.

I post something on facebook about a travesty that has occurred in a third world country. I mean to be mordant and ironic with the quote I post, but two people, "friends" I barely know, respond with biting comments on my ignorance about the state of water rights in the world.

Friday, October 26, 2012

02012.08.03 Dreams: Elisa

Elisa dreams of parties

02012.08.03 Dreams: Thor

Thor dreams of levers without reason or effect

Dreaming about Jeremy Lin, basketball player.

Dream about dancing and freestyling at a big party. I rhymed "try" and "cry" at one point and the MC suggested that perhaps I use some less straight forward words to reveal process. i was with a bunch of friedns for this and it was a lot of fun. Jon Matus was there for sure. Also, when I woke up, I was drooling on my pillow which doesn't happen that very often.

Also now that I'm awake I'm remembering some sort of scavenger hunt/journey/expedition with my friends Thor and Ryan where we met in a specific place (on a college campus) -- a placid location, and when I got there I was concerned they couldn't be them, but they total came out as the ? drunk so to speak, as they were hidden and well... Ryan hid his skateboard. We were trying to be as anonymous as possible and so when a professor approached and made small talk about picking up chicks, i was rather dismissive, and found him kind of creepy. Finally, to shake him off, I falsely admitted being interested in the Dutch girls.

I'm now also remembering in the same dream as the dance club with rap battle, there were two hot girls from high school there, one who I saw for the first time in years last week, and the other who I haven't seen in 8 years or so. I may have been rollerblading -- we all were I believe. At one point I gave one of them (jessica Suzanne) a friendly butt tap as I rolled by and my friend thought that was funny. This is interesting because she and I had somewhat of a verbally sexual relationship in high school... 9th grade.

The vague recollection of talkign to a man at a family gathering of sort and he hands me an over-sized business card, and won't accept mine. He's in advertising (as am I) but he wouldn't mention what he did for the sake of confidentiality. I understood.

Through a long dark hallway to a dimly lit, red lunch counter. A huge slate lever slid from the edge, rising and falling, noiselessly, without reason or effect.

02012.08.03 Dreams: Anonymous III

Anonymous III dreams of vacations and childhood

02012.08.03 Dreams: Anonymous II

Anonymous II dreams of a naked virgin

I'm a naked virgin in Times Square. Obsolete are my proclivities toward rational drive.

My mother was a fourteen year old French prostitute named Chloe with webbed feet. My father would womanize, he would drink; he would make outrageous claims like he invented the question mark. Sometiems he'd accuse chestnuts of being lazy; the sort of banal claimthat only the genius posses and the insane lament.
My childhood was typical: Summers in Rangoon, luge lessons. In the Spring we'd make meat helmets. When I was insolent I was placed in a burlap bag and beaten with reeds; pretty standard, really.

02012.08.03 Dreams: Anonymous I

02012.08.03 Dreams: Mel and Cara

Cara dreams of dots
Mel dreams of underwater tableau

I was a crab, then in a vessel under the sea into space, then into a whale and unconscious planes.

02012.07.27 Dreams: Guy on Huperzine A

Guy on Huperzine A dreams of Plano, TX

In the streets of a suburban town ( probably Plano, TX), walking through intersection crosswalks and down the sidewalk, was a friend from high school. He was wearing a military marching band uniform (this person currently is in a military marching band), and playing trumpet as he walked. On one hand this seemed strange, but on the other, this is his path and his way through the world. Walking while playing is just how he travels.
The notable thing that made an impression was that he would glare at the cars going by in the intersection, as though he was scolding them for not giving him a wider berth. This glaring happened multiple times in the dream (2-3) and one of them may have been directed at me.

02012.07.27 Dreams: David

David dreams about family

02012.07.27 Dreams: Anonymous II

Anonymous dreams of Adore

Turquoise-orange: some kind of shaman put her hands on me and said my "strength type" was turquoise-orange. I recognized that right away.

 Hanging apparatus -- some hanging strung together elements; metal charms, flower petals (red) all i na string. She swung them so they would all circle me in a spiritual pattern as I lay o nthe floor lookign up.

Phone-call: the man mentioned Mike Barnes I didn't remember right away how i knew him, and was excited for a moment that this man might be in AA.

Little girl was apparently me. Some adult was asking her questions... when asked where she was from, she replied a city in India. When asked her name, she said, "Hamza."

02012.07.27 Dreams: April

April dreams of bells

I enter
I enter a r room to open a box of tiny door knob sized bells, the box was WOODEN. The first bell was like this:
It sounded liek air crashing -- reverbing bell how does such a small bell makes such reverb?
Each bell had a different sound. The whole time Lana Vorona, whom I bumped into today, was there, convincing me that those bells were possessed with bad spirits. She puts every bell back inside and shuts the box, the sounds stops, the sounds of tonight, and when I attempted to restart the live sounds on a digital performer screen, I had to scroll time to present time, or else it would start from 11 o'clock.

This space became 10 times bigger, outdoor, daytime. Stefano was running for being the leader of something, thousands of people were chanting and cheering for him, he speaks through a microphone and reverb was sparse so I couldn't hear what he was saying, I was one of his workers, the graphic designer for the subtitles of the footage being recorded, but I made them too abstract and so it was useless.
This day took place in an ancient time, defined by the yellow-brown muddy, dusty ground, dust i nthe door, metal bars as doors. While watch my useless abstract titles.
I meet two boys who had beers.

At the Escape, running into the basement of the empty house across the street, a janitor believed that the two boys chasing after me were attempting to past a forceful kiss.

I was playing ping pong with Robin Williams. WTF?

02012.07.27 Dreams: Christopher

Christopher dreams of waking up

We wake up on the westside Santa Cruz outside on the front porch, Andrea discusses having to bike home with a couple who don't know where they are going.

02012.07.27 Dreams: Hemmie

Hemmie dreams of crash

Xoch, I will meet you on the roof near farmer's house. XO

Where is the smoke coming from and that buildign hasn't been there in years.

Stop swearing

It's always night and creeping down but never day.

Old England in the congo.

Somethign is dripping in the back alleyway.
 I'm moving so fast I'm going to be sick. Slow down I'm pregnant.

The brickworks is billowing smoke -- it hasn't been used in years . Where is that screaming coming from.

Waiting on the phone for them to pick up as I drifted off. Why won't they pick up the phone? Where are they?

They're doing all these tests on me this rustic clinical room with dripping faucets and bugs.
The clock is dimming and I need to get out. There isn't a child in there, it's something else.

Where is everyone?

Running down an old colored lane
I can't seem to lose them

Tavern doors are open and it's glowing. Inside all the people buying and enjoying themselves.
Where is everyone I know?


I'm in a white gallery and someone's speeding ahead in a car.
Slow down.
My sister's trying to sleep in the next room.
We're going to crash -- slow down.
Could everyone be quiet for a moment>
She's sleeping.
-- she's not there.
The bed's empty.
The duvet is ruffled.
Where has she gone?

02012.07.27 Dreams: Linda

Linda dreams of palm trees

02012.07.27 Dreams: Jonathan

Jonathan dreamt of solutions

02012.07.27 Dreams: Anonymous

Anonymous dreams of the Horizontal World

I was in extended Walter Murch soundscape like from a "Touch of Evil," except it went on and on and on. In what I've recently called The Horizontal World. In this world, I was landed by helicopter into the edge of a jungle, I think Mexico.The landscape evolved -- a jungle town, a seaside cabana with skipping record, on and on -- gentle animals drinking from lagoons and the like. The landscapes evolved on and on -- can't really describe all I saw! -- until it occurred to me that I was floating, unembodied consciousness. Floating past third world hut windows, back in a small city, brown world then blue world.
Toward the end, I saw the shapes of all the conscious beings, me being one of them, as jellyfish-like seed pods of consciousness lifting in the air all around in beautiful light. Sky jellyfish. At some point, I remembered the hospital machines, and my association that it was my deathbed. So the jellyfish beings are souls, landing like seeds in the various scenarios, or not landing, passing on and on, through The Horizontal World!

Note on The Horizontal World --
This conceptual experience came to me in a ayahuasca ceremony, wherein I thought I had died and this Horizontal World went on forever, but in hell realms. Very unpleasant. This Horizontal World, tonight, was so full of beauty, gentleness, and mystery, each on a little drama. It's like the seed beings floated into situations where they got caught, thus a life with it stories. But I kept floating.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

02012.02.01 Dreams: Anonymous

Slumbernaut Anonymous dreams of popcorn

Dreams very disjointed. Had the sensation of watching them like a movie rather than being in them or a part of them. Several times I saw images like credits in a movie scrolling before me, images of technical parts or manuals superimposed on other images.

Dream of a car chase

02012.02.01 Dreams: Michael

Slumbernaut Micahel dreams of yellow cut out houses

Talking to the microphone
Sleeping field in ?
? of toy cars , ?, lights.
in the ? burningman
soem shot and I could destroy them
two friends came by but I forgot names, then moonscape one went to get tattooed. I thought to call my man in Moscow to unprogram the robots -- jokingly. Also three sculptures -- liek set design, bad cheesy figure sculptures. Alice in Wonderland.

sitting a big round stone pool of water, someone cutting out yellow house shapes. An old dog playing fetch on the hillside, slowly. Mom's annoyed about something. Something about my name.

bag of dry ice for an injury. Inside wood warehouse, like a school. Door was like gate, not up to code. Building a Trader Joe's, discussing investment and ramp.

02012.02.01 Dreams: Leigh

Slumbernaut Leigh dreams of hosting a SleepWalks, and of disturbing old men...

Dream about hosting a SleepWalks...
View and atmosphere near the same. Stefano hosting... being very particular abotu the setting... logistics... busy body.

 ::Sounds playing like a party::
Everyone wakes up during SleepWalks, after Stefano gets reckless with noise and light because he can't sleep. With everyone up, feels like the beginning of the night...
Stefano and I are trying to fix the clock o nthe stove that is wrong.

Other world, end happening soon? Searching for something missing?? Meeting a traveled woman in the cafeteria at some school and changing shoes with her only to be told by someone I respected/listened to that they were too big for me. Very tactile feeling when I tried the shoes on. I remember feeling the foam of the flip flop hard pressed and really worn down. Worried about being able to "be prepared" and run if/when needed. I traded back. Felt like I was wandering around , trying to ready for some kind of action/mission... there was an old man in clean but shabby clothes who stood just off the walking path... he watched everyone but never moved. That is until I came down the path, maybe I was cold? But it seemed more like he "chose" me -- he came up to me, no words, and draped an orange-yellow-red flame colored fur/feather jacket around me and then clasped it with a bright green(?) belt at the waist... felt like a big deal... the environment was sparse and wasteland-like... the era was edgy and war/conflict weary...

In a room full of sleepers an old man was curled behind me,
He took my body even though others were around.
I felt like a watcher of my own experience
he was so much older than me and I was near repulsed.
He liked that I played ukulele and tried to convince his wife to take all of us to the island "ukulele", because it's what he thinks I want. We all went back to sleep and didn't wake up until 4:15pm. it felt like the day had passed and the sun was now setting.