Monday, October 24, 2016

Two Successful Performances of SleepWalks: The Body of Dreams! Art Exhibit continues through Wednesday October 26th!

Wow, what a wonderful performance and a great audience turn-out! 

Thanks to all!:

SleepWalks: The Body of Dreams

Choreographer: Ellen Sinopoli

Louisa Barta
Maggia Ciambrone
Madeline Morser
André Robles
Sara Senecal
Laura Teeter

Art Director: Andrea Williams

Sound/Video: Andrea Williams

Composers: Lee Pembleton & Andrea Williams

EEG Data Correlations: Todd Anderson

Lighting Designer: Nicolas Nealon

Assistant Lighting Designer: Jess Hoffman

Costume Designer: K. Meta Reintsema

Please STAY TUNED for photos and video from the performance!

The art exhibit of SleepWalks: The Body of Dreams continues! It reveals behind-the-scenes of the multimedia dance performance that took place this weekend. You can view what dreams shaped the performance and what sounds. There is a correction--It is up until 9pm this Wednesday October 26th at the Chapel and Cultural Center, not on the 27th. There are printed guides to the art works available on-site.

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