Thursday, October 25, 2012

02012.02.01 Dreams: Leigh

Slumbernaut Leigh dreams of hosting a SleepWalks, and of disturbing old men...

Dream about hosting a SleepWalks...
View and atmosphere near the same. Stefano hosting... being very particular abotu the setting... logistics... busy body.

 ::Sounds playing like a party::
Everyone wakes up during SleepWalks, after Stefano gets reckless with noise and light because he can't sleep. With everyone up, feels like the beginning of the night...
Stefano and I are trying to fix the clock o nthe stove that is wrong.

Other world, end happening soon? Searching for something missing?? Meeting a traveled woman in the cafeteria at some school and changing shoes with her only to be told by someone I respected/listened to that they were too big for me. Very tactile feeling when I tried the shoes on. I remember feeling the foam of the flip flop hard pressed and really worn down. Worried about being able to "be prepared" and run if/when needed. I traded back. Felt like I was wandering around , trying to ready for some kind of action/mission... there was an old man in clean but shabby clothes who stood just off the walking path... he watched everyone but never moved. That is until I came down the path, maybe I was cold? But it seemed more like he "chose" me -- he came up to me, no words, and draped an orange-yellow-red flame colored fur/feather jacket around me and then clasped it with a bright green(?) belt at the waist... felt like a big deal... the environment was sparse and wasteland-like... the era was edgy and war/conflict weary...

In a room full of sleepers an old man was curled behind me,
He took my body even though others were around.
I felt like a watcher of my own experience
he was so much older than me and I was near repulsed.
He liked that I played ukulele and tried to convince his wife to take all of us to the island "ukulele", because it's what he thinks I want. We all went back to sleep and didn't wake up until 4:15pm. it felt like the day had passed and the sun was now setting.

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