Friday, October 26, 2012

02012.07.27 Dreams: Guy on Huperzine A

Guy on Huperzine A dreams of Plano, TX

In the streets of a suburban town ( probably Plano, TX), walking through intersection crosswalks and down the sidewalk, was a friend from high school. He was wearing a military marching band uniform (this person currently is in a military marching band), and playing trumpet as he walked. On one hand this seemed strange, but on the other, this is his path and his way through the world. Walking while playing is just how he travels.
The notable thing that made an impression was that he would glare at the cars going by in the intersection, as though he was scolding them for not giving him a wider berth. This glaring happened multiple times in the dream (2-3) and one of them may have been directed at me.

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