Thursday, October 25, 2012

02012.02.01 Dreams: Michael

Slumbernaut Micahel dreams of yellow cut out houses

Talking to the microphone
Sleeping field in ?
? of toy cars , ?, lights.
in the ? burningman
soem shot and I could destroy them
two friends came by but I forgot names, then moonscape one went to get tattooed. I thought to call my man in Moscow to unprogram the robots -- jokingly. Also three sculptures -- liek set design, bad cheesy figure sculptures. Alice in Wonderland.

sitting a big round stone pool of water, someone cutting out yellow house shapes. An old dog playing fetch on the hillside, slowly. Mom's annoyed about something. Something about my name.

bag of dry ice for an injury. Inside wood warehouse, like a school. Door was like gate, not up to code. Building a Trader Joe's, discussing investment and ramp.

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