Friday, October 26, 2012

02012.07.27 Dreams: Anonymous

Anonymous dreams of the Horizontal World

I was in extended Walter Murch soundscape like from a "Touch of Evil," except it went on and on and on. In what I've recently called The Horizontal World. In this world, I was landed by helicopter into the edge of a jungle, I think Mexico.The landscape evolved -- a jungle town, a seaside cabana with skipping record, on and on -- gentle animals drinking from lagoons and the like. The landscapes evolved on and on -- can't really describe all I saw! -- until it occurred to me that I was floating, unembodied consciousness. Floating past third world hut windows, back in a small city, brown world then blue world.
Toward the end, I saw the shapes of all the conscious beings, me being one of them, as jellyfish-like seed pods of consciousness lifting in the air all around in beautiful light. Sky jellyfish. At some point, I remembered the hospital machines, and my association that it was my deathbed. So the jellyfish beings are souls, landing like seeds in the various scenarios, or not landing, passing on and on, through The Horizontal World!

Note on The Horizontal World --
This conceptual experience came to me in a ayahuasca ceremony, wherein I thought I had died and this Horizontal World went on forever, but in hell realms. Very unpleasant. This Horizontal World, tonight, was so full of beauty, gentleness, and mystery, each on a little drama. It's like the seed beings floated into situations where they got caught, thus a life with it stories. But I kept floating.

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