Thursday, October 25, 2012

02012.02.01 Dreams: John

I was part of a sort of men's group, where about ten men were participating in an all-day training course of some kind. It was set inside in a large room with metal folding chairs. We had several breaks throughout the day and each time I stepped outside for a respite, I found myself wandering i na different place. Soemtiems I was in the desert, other times in the middle of a thick forest. Each tiem I realized too late that I'd been out too long and failed to get back to class on time. After a few tiems I felt strongly that other particpants were growing upset with me for not taking the situation more seriously.
At one point there was a gift exchange, and when I opened my package I looked into the box for a long while, excited. I don't recall what was in it, but later, someone gave me a drawing of me, looking into the box, and I was disappointed to see that I wasn't looking up. It looked like this (see above).
I also recall growing older at various stages of the night. Early in the dream sequence I was a young boy. Later I was in high school, then college, then my 20's, 30's, and finally an old man.

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