Friday, October 26, 2012

02012.07.27 Dreams: Hemmie

Hemmie dreams of crash

Xoch, I will meet you on the roof near farmer's house. XO

Where is the smoke coming from and that buildign hasn't been there in years.

Stop swearing

It's always night and creeping down but never day.

Old England in the congo.

Somethign is dripping in the back alleyway.
 I'm moving so fast I'm going to be sick. Slow down I'm pregnant.

The brickworks is billowing smoke -- it hasn't been used in years . Where is that screaming coming from.

Waiting on the phone for them to pick up as I drifted off. Why won't they pick up the phone? Where are they?

They're doing all these tests on me this rustic clinical room with dripping faucets and bugs.
The clock is dimming and I need to get out. There isn't a child in there, it's something else.

Where is everyone?

Running down an old colored lane
I can't seem to lose them

Tavern doors are open and it's glowing. Inside all the people buying and enjoying themselves.
Where is everyone I know?


I'm in a white gallery and someone's speeding ahead in a car.
Slow down.
My sister's trying to sleep in the next room.
We're going to crash -- slow down.
Could everyone be quiet for a moment>
She's sleeping.
-- she's not there.
The bed's empty.
The duvet is ruffled.
Where has she gone?

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