Friday, October 26, 2012

02012.07.27 Dreams: April

April dreams of bells

I enter
I enter a r room to open a box of tiny door knob sized bells, the box was WOODEN. The first bell was like this:
It sounded liek air crashing -- reverbing bell how does such a small bell makes such reverb?
Each bell had a different sound. The whole time Lana Vorona, whom I bumped into today, was there, convincing me that those bells were possessed with bad spirits. She puts every bell back inside and shuts the box, the sounds stops, the sounds of tonight, and when I attempted to restart the live sounds on a digital performer screen, I had to scroll time to present time, or else it would start from 11 o'clock.

This space became 10 times bigger, outdoor, daytime. Stefano was running for being the leader of something, thousands of people were chanting and cheering for him, he speaks through a microphone and reverb was sparse so I couldn't hear what he was saying, I was one of his workers, the graphic designer for the subtitles of the footage being recorded, but I made them too abstract and so it was useless.
This day took place in an ancient time, defined by the yellow-brown muddy, dusty ground, dust i nthe door, metal bars as doors. While watch my useless abstract titles.
I meet two boys who had beers.

At the Escape, running into the basement of the empty house across the street, a janitor believed that the two boys chasing after me were attempting to past a forceful kiss.

I was playing ping pong with Robin Williams. WTF?

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