Friday, October 26, 2012

02012.08.03 Dreams: Thor

Thor dreams of levers without reason or effect

Dreaming about Jeremy Lin, basketball player.

Dream about dancing and freestyling at a big party. I rhymed "try" and "cry" at one point and the MC suggested that perhaps I use some less straight forward words to reveal process. i was with a bunch of friedns for this and it was a lot of fun. Jon Matus was there for sure. Also, when I woke up, I was drooling on my pillow which doesn't happen that very often.

Also now that I'm awake I'm remembering some sort of scavenger hunt/journey/expedition with my friends Thor and Ryan where we met in a specific place (on a college campus) -- a placid location, and when I got there I was concerned they couldn't be them, but they total came out as the ? drunk so to speak, as they were hidden and well... Ryan hid his skateboard. We were trying to be as anonymous as possible and so when a professor approached and made small talk about picking up chicks, i was rather dismissive, and found him kind of creepy. Finally, to shake him off, I falsely admitted being interested in the Dutch girls.

I'm now also remembering in the same dream as the dance club with rap battle, there were two hot girls from high school there, one who I saw for the first time in years last week, and the other who I haven't seen in 8 years or so. I may have been rollerblading -- we all were I believe. At one point I gave one of them (jessica Suzanne) a friendly butt tap as I rolled by and my friend thought that was funny. This is interesting because she and I had somewhat of a verbally sexual relationship in high school... 9th grade.

The vague recollection of talkign to a man at a family gathering of sort and he hands me an over-sized business card, and won't accept mine. He's in advertising (as am I) but he wouldn't mention what he did for the sake of confidentiality. I understood.

Through a long dark hallway to a dimly lit, red lunch counter. A huge slate lever slid from the edge, rising and falling, noiselessly, without reason or effect.

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